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Zatoka-Tech is a Polish producer of devices for the marine, aquaculture and fish processing industries. We produce equipment and production systems specially tailored for the individual needs of our customers. We cooperate with fish processing manufactures, owners of fishing boats, and fish farms. Our constructors develop solutions that improve the production process and daily handling of aquaculture entities.

Cooperation with Zatoka-Tech consists of:

- technical consulting and measurements on-site with the customer (vessel, processing facility, aquaculture farm),

- presentation of a project and proposal for construction of a production line, or modernisation of existing systems,

- production of devices and their installation at the site(s)/vessel(s) indicated by our customers,

- start-up of production lines and their calibration

- warranty and post-warranty service of our systems, as well as production systems made by other manufacturers;

We also provide support services for the marine and machine industry:

- Cutting of entrusted materials with water stream

- Bending of materials on edge press

- Welding pipelines made of stainless steel

- Wire measurment on winches

- Engine control and alarm system

- Bow thruster systems and azimuthal propulsor steering system

- Laser shaft alignment and machine sequences (up to 3 pcs.)

Zatoka-Tech is a team of qualified engineers whose experience and commitment is a guarantee of services provided at the highest level, and the optimisation of our customers production processes is the main goal of our activities.